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new link for Misadventures in Taiwan blog

hey everyone, i've moved blog hosts because i've left school and soon this web.tnnua.edu.tw link will no longer be accessible as the school only offers free web space for current students.

please update your bookmarks and visit Misadventures in Taiwan at this new address: http://misadventuresintaiwan.gemismyname.com/old/blog.1.html

the blog and podcast feed remains the same at: http://feeds.feedburner.com/misadventuresInTaiwan

all links and content will be fully functional by the end of September (hopefully).





will be gone for four days

hi everyone, i'm gonna be gone for four days to go with my classmates to taipei.
they'll be helping to fix this up, while i'll probably stand on the sidelines munching on potato chips. yay, me!

four days isn't really a long time and i've
even gone longer than four days without posting/ podcasting, but i noticed that some of you (hello to joe#1 and joe-latent image photographer, winchou and mario) have already started commenting on my latest video/ vidcast/ vlog (insert trendy term here).

yay, i'm feeling very in-demand. so anyway i won't be able to reply till after a few days. i just wanted to say that because most of the time i reply as soon as i can.


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