Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Why is it that some of the text in your site is illegible?

The answer is here.

2. Why is your page so lame?

I'm not answering that.

3. How do I subscribe to your feed/ podcast?

3.a. using iTunes:

flag click this to launch iTunes and subscribe right away!

if you're wary of launching an external application from your browser, you can also add me to your iTunes podcast list manually:

1. click on "Podcasts" in your iTunes "Source" list (leftmost bar), and then go to the podcast directory (the link is on the lower left). it'll open to the podcasts page of the iTunes Music Store.

2. type "misadventures in taiwan" in the "search all podcasts" field. (zoom in click on photo below for full-sized version.)


3. click "subscribe". (zoom in click on photo below for full-sized version.)


4. if you want to download all and not only the most recent one, you'll have to go into iTunes's Preferences and set that. go to Edit- Preferences- Podcasts, and you'll see the different options.

3.b. using other podcatchers:

1. Download a podcatcher/ podcast grabber (i made that up)/ podcast receiver/ pocast aggregator. Lots to choose from here.

  • A. Podcatchers for Windows (I use Download iPodder, the cross-platform podcast receiver)
  • B. Podcatchers for Mac

    2. Copy and paste the link in the image here podcast-mini2 into the box for adding URLs on your podcatching software.

    3. Hit "subscribe", and then "check for new podcasts". (Actual wording of commands may vary depending on which podcatcher you're using.)

    4. To manually download my podcast audio mp3s per blog entry post, look for an icon that looks like this podcast-lg4 or a link that says "listen"/ "download"/ "get podcast here".

  • 4. What is a podcast? How do I make one?

    This is a good page to get you started. It's got diagrams and stuff.

    For Blogger users

    This page teaches you how to podcast using Blogger and Feedburner's Smartcast.

    5. Why do the blue boxes containing links on the left and right side of your page look so big and cover up your main text?

    what went wrong
    I have seen this happen only in Internet Explorer 6.0 with the View Text settings set to "Largest" or "Large. Please make your settings "Medium" and it should be okay. I know this is inexcusable, but I'm not so good with css positioning as of now.

    6. Why are there ugly scrollbars on the blue boxes, then?

    what went wrong
    Sigh, I didn't know how to combat #4, so as a temporary fix I set my overflow to "auto" (overflow:auto) so my boxes won't grow together with my text when View is "Largest" in IE 6.0. I'm going to find a better solution soon.

    7. Blah blah blah?

    I'll answer that as soon as I can.