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About Me

[Misadventures in Taiwan]

My name is Gem. I'm currently studying Animation somewhere in Taiwan.

This site has a blog and podcast which gives updates on my current status, a page for my works which are few and slow in coming, a page for some of my lame amateur photography and attempts at photo manipulation, a page for my collection of toys and other random things.

flag The blog is partly written in Chinese. If you see a lot of ??? or garbled text, please read this for help in making your browser encoding right.

I like to listen to music by Rancid, Less Than Jake, Green Day, Bad Religion, *NSYNC, Eminem, etc..

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my profile on Flickr, my profile on Technorati

my deviantART page, my Ourmedia.org page

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http://feeds.feedburner.com/misadventuresInTaiwan----> copy and paste this feed link into your news reader/aggregator or podcast catcher software to subscribe.

list of my podcasts on tripod blogs and list of my podcasts on blogspot

info I have two backup lists because at first I wanted to have an easier to remember blog name so I chose blogspot. The thing is, blogger blogs don't have "category" or "subject" features and I wanted that so I also went ahead and made another duplicate list on tripod blogs.

I keep backup lists because my site, blog, and podcast is currently on the free (for students here) website space our school generously provides. The problem is, I can't vouch for its permanence and so I set up backup lists for my peace of mind.

Bookmark this handy link. It's a shorter and easier-to-remember name for my blog and podcast in lieu of http://misadventuresintaiwan.gemismyname.com/old/blog.1.html. The link is [[http://misadventuresintaiwan.cjb.net/]].

If you're curious as to how I got this handy link, you can click this link and read this post.

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