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Scooter Masks, Helmet Cloth Linings, and Oversized Gloves

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2. Download/下載影片 → Quicktime (h.264 encoded .mov) file (7 mb)

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Hi Jem, when I lived in Taiwan in 2001-2002 I didn't see any helmet liners. Ahhh...progress. Keep the videos coming. It makes me nostalgic for a wonderful time in my life.
Sorry, I spelled your name wrong. I just wanted to say I just added you as a Flickr contact, hope you don't mind.

Keith "zenlibra"
That's just bad ass!
Hi Jem,

I'm very interested in the scooter masks you shown. Could you inform me the manufacturer or where I can buy them?

Thanks in advance and greetings from The Netherlands / Rick
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