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if i had a million dollars

This video is really freaking funny. it’s a a song in the vernacular (Hokkien, to be specific, but if you can understand Taiwanese, you’ll have no problem understanding the lyrics) about a dude who wishes he has a million bucks. it mashes up the lyrics, however, with images of western pop-culture references (oh and the images in the video are not just randomly put together. they’re actually all connected to the lyrics too– that’s what’s amazing about it all. darth vader? the villain in austin powers? i’m sold.), and it’s really really funny.

for example there’s this part that says if he has a million bucks he can marry a beautiful chick. he uses an image of a bride juxtaposed with the words “me love you long time” (the first english sentence every east and southeast asian ho should learn in ESL school. kidding!!).

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this is my fav song. thank you so much for posting it.
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