[Misadventures in Taiwan]



Taiwan On the Road

1. Watch it online without having to download/直接在網路看不用下載:

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2. Download/下載影片 → Quicktime (h.264 encoded .mov) file (4.77 mb)

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screenshots (點就可以放大):
old man and woman pushing an empty wheelchair the numbers biz sleeping guy man and a trolley of cooking oil

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Comments (留言€):
Wonderful. I love your style :)
thank you very much. glad you like it.
claustrophobic and strangely gripping. nice to see you posting regularly these days and it all manages to get some sort of reaction out of me weather that be laughing or trying to figure out what it was i just watched. keep up the good work
thanks john.

well i try to update when i have time. =)

thanks for coming back, even after i hadn't posted for so many months early this year.
I know how that goes, I have been in a dry spell with my blog recently as well. Life just takes over the internet personality sometimes.

Of course I have stuck around. Seems like I've been listening to our show as long as its been around. Im pretty much convinced that I need to visit Taiwan sometime in my lifetime. And china while im at it. I visited when I was much younger and barely remember the trip...
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