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Marble Soda

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That was awesome. Messy but awesome. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. Thanks, Gem.

My memory of marble sodas is about 30 years old - they were brown glass bottles drinks vended on the street in Tokyo. The dude who sold you the soda had the tool to push the marble, thus avoiding the mess. Of course, a glass bottle won't allow the release of the marble, so we kept the whole bottle. The drink itself was completely forgettable (I can't recall what it tasted like), but the bottle was tremendously cool (to me, when I was a little kid).

It's strange to see the marble closure still in use, esp in this non-nostialgic "cat" form.
My memory of Ramune ラムネ is similar to Winchou's. I recall it had a kind of bubblegum taste to it.

Great stuff...
All I ever see are the glass bottle ones- I swear they were easier to open when I was 10 than they are now (29) and they do taste pretty nasty (and only on full moons can one position the bottle just right to get a full sip.

and a rice ball (plum flavored) is almost 3 USD, and a marble drink is... 1.75-2.00 USD... I'm getting screwed by my local convenience store.

It's good to see you posting again, and the bit of green screen- a nice touch.
I got one of the glass ones in Tokyo in 2002. I remember seeing a trick on Japanese TV where you could move the marble by hitting the bottle at the top.
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