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龍應台文化基金會 The Taipei Salon系列三月連續兩場
全 程 英 語 不 備 翻 譯
各國的「國片」都「死光」了,全世界都在看好萊塢電影了 ,為什麼法國電影仍舊強勢?
全世界好像都被星巴克連鎖了,為什麼巴黎的街頭卻還是巴黎的咖啡館 ?全世界都彷彿擋不住「英語化」、「美國化」了,
法國卻堅持「法國化」,這些法國人,究竟用什麼武器在對抗 「全球化」?他們贏了嗎?能贏嗎?
講者: Jean-Claude POIMBOEUF 潘柏甫 法國在台協會主任
主持:陳國慈 台北故事館總監
時間:2007 年3月 3日(六) 14:00─16 :00
============================== ============================== 第二場: 仍舊貧窮,但是民主:全球化時代的印度民主
貧窮,就不能奢談民主?印度,一個矛盾的民主政治試驗場 ,打破經濟與民主並進的迷思。
但是,印度的民主成熟到什麼程度?在選舉型的民主中 ,族群與宗教差異成為分化劑;
在全球化的衝擊下,貧富差距惡化,印度民主面臨全新的挑戰與壓力 ,印度該如何面對?
講者:Pankaj Mishra 小說家 / 紐約時報撰稿人
主持:廖咸浩 台灣大學外文系教授
時間:2007 年3月 17日(六) 14:00─16 :00
電話報名:(02) 3322-4907
傳真報名:(02) 3322-4918
網路報名: http://www.civictaipei.org
****************************** ******************************
Message from the Lung Yingtai Cultural Foundation
Discussion in English Only
The Taipei Salon
Saturday, 3 March 2007
14:00 – 16:00
Yue-han Hall, 110 Jin Hua Street Taipei
Globalization : How Does the French Do It ?
The French is known to be foolhardy about being French.
The Hollywood movies may conquer the whole world but not the French; Starbucks takes over all street corners but not in Paris.
How do the French do it? Can they "win" in the wrestling of cultural diversity?
Come and find out the magic wand the French holds to lock the Pandora's Box – Globalization.
Speaker : Jean-Claude POIMBOEUF
Director of French Institute in Taipei
Moderator: Chen Kok-Choo
Executive Director of Taipei Story House
============================== ============================== The Taipei Salon
Saturday, 17 March 2007
14:00 – 16:00
Yue-han Hall, 110 Jin Hua Street Taipei
Poor but Democratic: Democracy in India in the Age of Globalization
Many rulers like to claim democracy only comes after wealth. What about India then?
Indian democracy is one of the world's greatest political experiments and it has worked.
At the same time it seems to have entered a complex phase. Electoral politics have sharpened ethnic and religious divisions,
leading to a rise in violence against minorities. Globalization and the rise of economic inequality have also confronted India with fresh challenges and pressure.
Can the contradictory experience of democracy in India give a revelation to those democratic experiments elsewhere in Asia?
Come to listen to one of the brightest minds coming from the ancient and modern land of India.
Speaker : Pankaj MISHRA
Novelist / Contributor to the New York Times
Moderator: Hsien-hao Sebastian Liao
Professor of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures of National Taiwan University
Tel: (02)3322-4907
Online Registration: http://www.civictaipei.org
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