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engrish notebooks

(watch using YouTube if you don't want to download the quicktime file below. you'll need the Flash Player for this.)

click to download video - (or right-click and "save link as") -- 3.5 Quicktime .mov (encoded with h2.64) file

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notebooks with really funny blurbs on the cover you know you're badass when you own one of these animal gangster notebooks

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Animal Gangster
That's cute.

Joe #2
I love those notebooks, too. It was a neat video, but I have one suggestion: don't switch books so fast! A ton of them swapped before I had a chance to read the line of Enrgish on them and it was frustrating.
mark, thanks for your suggestion. sorry the notebooks switched too fast. i'll keep that in mind next time i make a slideshow involving lots of text. =)

joe, yep, it makes you look really badass to own an Animal Gangster notebook all right.
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