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nothing to eat

the food down here in the dirty South (i'm talking about Tainan County, kids) is good and all, but there's nothing exceptional. there's plenty to eat, but the choices are extremely limited.

sooner or later the noodle houses start blending into one another and you can't really distinguish one from the other.

the only good burger place around here is Mos Burger, and even that's a fast food chain. grrr..

anyway i just found this post by a guy living in Taipei that echoes my thoughts to the last detail. the thing is he posted all these photos of incredibly yummy looking burgers. so now i'm hungry and dizzy and jealous.

anyway it's 12:12 p.m. noontime. so i'm off to search for the meal that will trump all other meals. or maybe i'll just have some instant noodles. or not. i don't want to die a slow and painful death.
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How about the resturant called "Pu Tong" It is somewhere in KaoShung. Thats something wierd to try I suppose.

Joe #2
if you would open your eyes, sir, and your mind, you would see that there is lots to eat in Tainan, you are just stuck in your burger mentality. wake up and smell the cho dofu. one can tell that you are not long for this island. you want the whole world to be Westernzied. YUCK! Give you one year and then goodbye, right?
i've heard of the restaurant. is it the one where all the dining utensils (and furniture) are made of faux-toilet bowls?


don't be so hostile.
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