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i'm back from the dead


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sorry this podcast is crappier than usual-- i'm down with a cold and i don't have time to edit out all my "uhhms", "aahs", "you knows", and "likes" (i have to get back to finishing a project before its deadline).

1. famous Taiwanese NY Yankees pitcher- Wang Chien Ming
wang chien ming magazine cover

2. street protests to topple Taiwan's president- NY Times article link

3. found mail
unclaimed mail unclaimed mail unclaimed mail

4. engrish signs

The bottom of the first photo says "Ensure mutual respect between the two sexes".
train poster words of wisdom

5. moon festival- barbecues and bonfires

(there's a topless drunk onstage in the first photo. click on "All Sizes" in the flickr page to enlarge. priceless shot.)
small town moon festival barbecue 7 small town moon festival barbecue 3

6. okonomiyaki- a very special egg omelette
okonomiyaki stall okonomiyaki stall okonomiyaki stall

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Hey Gem,

Its been a while since I have commented.. Its JOe #2.. Great blog.. Still think its very informative.. never been to taiwan but know a lot about the country thru your interetsting blogs... keep blogging..

Oh Gem! You will always have fans of your podcasts--even with your ramblings!

Take care over there!

Found this interesting article on wikipedia about them yummy egg treats...damn I want one!

those are Japanese, not Taiwanese!
yeah i know okonomiyaki's Japanese food. i mentioned that in the podcast. eliot (the commenter above you) posted a link to the wikipedia article on okonomiyaki.

the photos of the okonomiyaki stall were taken from a small town night market in south taiwan.
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