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liu cha night market (april/may 2006)

night market screenshot-- 3.5 Quicktime .mov (encoded with h2.64) file

click to download video - (or right-click and "save link as")

please download the latest version of Quicktime if you can't play the video
(Get Quicktime: get quicktime)

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I really enjoy your podcasts!
why not just upload your video to youtube or google video than let us just view them on your blog?
hi litle taoist,

well you see, this site is primarily a podcast-- most people who access my files do so using a podcast catcher like iTunes or other such program. (that's also why i go through the trouble of converting my videos into a format the iPod can play-- because many people just let their software sync my feed into their portable players.) not so many people manually go to this site my typing in my long long url name. =)

i can attach "enclosures" to my RSS feed only if i "enclose" real videos. embedding youtube videos won't let the RSS feed see it as an "enclosure". and if it's not seen as an "enclosure", the software of the guy on the other end won't download it, and then it won't get synced into their portable players.

if you want to just watch though without downloading, you can also just click on the link. the video will play in your browser. no need to save it into your computer.

thanks for commenting!
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