[Misadventures in Taiwan]



freebies from 7-11 Taiwan


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Love the part where you are drinking the coke lol...looks refreshing.

P.S. Why are 7-11s so popular in Taiwan? In California 7-11 are ghetto as hell. 7-11s are where you go if you want overpriced beer or gas or if you are 14 and trying to get someone to buy you smokes. Not the cleanest places and probably one of the places that would most likely get you shot. Yeah, 7-11s in California are places most try to avoid.
7-11 in Singapore is also the place that i'll go if i want overpriced stuff. But I love 7-11 in Taiwan because they always have not only freebies but collectible items that a lot of teenagers or children will go for it. I love to go because I can always find surprises there.
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