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i'm so sorry i haven't podcasted in ages!! i was busy with school work. =)

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today's topics:
1. Taiwan Railways train:
a. Murder on the Orient Express Taiwan Railways train- the prime suspect who hung himself, a victim from Vietnam, relentless journalists, finger-pointing officials, derailed trains (i sound like the National Enquirer)
b. changing the South 2 gate of the Taipei Main Station for luck

2. Today is 清明節, the day Chinese people all over the world sweep the tombs of their dead loved ones
a. 清明節 (set browser encoding to Chinese Traditional Big-5 to render the article correctly) occurs every year on either April 5 or 6. it occurs 15 days after 春分 (set browser encoding to Unicode UTF-8 to render the wikipedia article correctly) (one of the 24 "weather patterns" in a year-- for example winter solstice, summer solstice, etc.)
b. this week is spring break
c. strangers praying for you might not actually speed up recovery (from heart surgery)-- according to the New York Times (by the way they redesigned their site)
-- but that's not all! Prayer can actually be hazardous! if you use joss sticks from Mainland China that is. (listen to know why)

3. earthquake a few days ago while i was at the dentist

4. 7-11 gives out Disney figurines
disney 7-11

5. Grandmother kills 2 grandsons, attempts suicide (from The China Post)
read more

The grandmother, 55 and named Wu Shu-hui, was found to have killed her two grandsons, aged only 8 and 7, respectively, by burning charcoal, who died after inhaling too much carbon monoxide, the police said.


The grandmother told the police that she burnt charcoal after her two grandsons fell asleep, but her elder grandson awakened and tried to wake her up. Realizing the elder grandson was still alive, the grandmother used a knife to stab the boy to death before slitting her own wrist.


Informed sources said that the father of the two killed boys is making a living by doing odd jobs in northern Taipei and now owes around NT$700,000 in credit-card and cash-card loans to banks. He divorced his wife, leaving his two sons to his mother.


In related news, Premier Su Tseng-chang yesterday urged the country's parents to "live and let live," and call for them "to persist to subsist" when faced with hardship and not to take their children's lives in the event they take their own.

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Syndrome is from the incredibles. [pixar]
howdy. is it too much to ask that you use 'ethnic chinese' instead 'chinese' per se? =D
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