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taiwan lantern festival and grandpa ain't no killa


1. taiwan lantern festival (held in tainan city)

lantern festival 2006-47 lantern festival 2006-113

lantern festival 2006-02 lantern festival 2006-22 lantern festival 2006-53 lantern festival 2006-49 lantern festival 2006-76 lantern festival 2006-106

more of my 2006 taiwan lantern festival photos

2. 2-28 incident and recent drama surrounding it
what is the yearly commemoration of the feb. 28 (1947) "incident" all about? who was behind the massacre that quelled the uprising?

a. 2-28 incident backgrounder in Chinese (you'll need to set your browser's character encoding to Chinese Traditional Big-5 to read this article properly)

b. 2-28 incident backgrounder in English- the page is from the official Taipei 2-28 Memorial Museum's website.

c. 2-28 incident entry in wikipedia

d. drama surrounding the 2-28 incident
who is the main culprit behind the 2-28 incident? (cue in voice-over narration from that South Park episode Cartman's Mother is a Dirty Slut: who is cartman's father? could it be Ned? .. Officer Barbrady? .. Chef? etc. etc..)

coins <----- I ain't tha one!

anyway, a committe recently determined that Chiang Kai Shek (he's on the 10 dollar and 1 dollar coins, check him out) is one of the main culprits behind the 2-28 incident. this of course raised a lot of controversy.

President Chen Shui-bian wants Chiang Kai-shek remembered as the chief culprit of the February 28 Incident of 1947, in which thousands of innocent people were massacred in Taiwan.

Speaking at a meeting to mark the publication of a special report on the incident, President Chen said yesterday forgiveness is important, but that does not mean the people should forget who was actually responsible for the massacre.

The report, published by the February 28 Memorial Foundation, concludes Chiang Kai-shek as the "chief culprit" for the massacre that followed the riots which occurred spontaneously in Taiwan.
continue reading news article from The China Post

of course my "reporting" on this in my podcast is pretty short, neutral and amateurish since i don't know much about it and nobody around here knows much about it too (my classmates in Animation and I aren't exactly history and current events buffs) so just check out these very well written (and more in depth) links for commentaries surrounding the drama on "identifying" Chiang Kai Shek as the chief culprit of 228.

a. 228 was Chiang Kai Shek's fault! post (from The Leaky Pen's blog)

b. Chiang's Grandson Suing Authors of 2-28 Report post (from The Leaky Pen's blog)

c. if you're too tired to read two posts above, read this short recap of the previous two links on this feb. 26 blog roundup post- read the paragraph after the photo of the tarts and cupcakes (from Michael Turton's blog)

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Hi Gem! Thanks as always for latest Podcast; I x-posted you on my blog:

Posts on 228 Incident

I appreciate that you try to keep your posts "neutral" as that is not the nature of your blog; obviously that is *not* the nature of mine. It is interesting for me to hear how little you know of the incident, as my parents told me about a long time ago, and I learned much more after I read George Kerr's book, Formosa Betrayed. Possibly the best first person account available:

The February Incident, 1947
Thanks, Gem, for the interesting Podcast. Thanks, too, to winchou, for your links.

I'm currently reading Peng Ming-min's book "A Taste of Freedom". Chapter 4, "The March Uprising, 1947" gives a detailed account of Mr. Pengs personal experiences of the 228 incident.
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