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Roger Animator: Automatic Writing

Roger Animator episode 1: Automatic Writing

probe cam
DOWNLOAD/下載 : video for iPod (.m4v) (21.1mb) (Get Quicktime: get quicktime)

other file formats (別的檔案格式)

stills: (click to enlarge/ 點就可以放大)

title reading surprised b-w spaceship

link to listing on the Internet Archive. Write a review. Music by The Motion Sick (used with permission).

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Very interesting animation.... what program did you use to make it?

the animation itself was made using Macromedia Flash. many of the drawings were made using that too. other drawings were made using Photoshop. glad you thought it was interesting. =)
Thanks for making it video iPod friendly! I showed it to all my students.
Tire in Kaohsiung
thanks tire!
Nice framework for the earlier Roger story. Keep up the good work.
thanks robert! and thanks for remembering the earlier Roger story. =)
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