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liu cha night market video podcast

Download video (24.1mb quicktime movie file)

this video is about the Liu Cha (六甲) Night Market. Liu Cha is the tiny town near my school and it has a night market every Friday.

watch out for the "how to cook oyster cakes" part. it was kind of difficult to film that because i kept getting jostled by people

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The night market vid kicks ass. But we usually say "Stinky Tofu" not smelly tofu. Also, it's beef and goat, not beef and mutton, usually. The locals use the character for either animal.

Great work, wish I was as handy with all the technology.

ahh yeah, i should say stinky tofu too. it sounds better. more whimsical. smelly tofu sounds like i'm just dissing the tofu.
Very nice. Thank you for this video. I'm planning a trip to Taiwan this August and came along your site while I was searching for more important informations. The night market is now a fix item on my "to do"-List :-)

Now I want to move on to the video about your trip to Tainan :-) I do not know it much, but I like it, your website.

Greetings from Germany
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