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stabbing and protecting soap operas



1. first, i would like to thank marouflash (she's a really great calligrapher, check out her site) for the lovely calendar she mailed me. i'd like to thank Jim W. for sending me his book too.

2. a rash of stabbing crimes over the new year (last week of dec '05 to the first week of jan '06) here in taiwan

3. taiwanese soap operas need "protection" editorial from the newspaper (jan. 12, 2006)

4. i believe i've already mentioned mark forman's taiwan-based legup podcast already before. anyway here's another english language podcast about Taiwan for you guys to check out-- What's Up in Taiwan podcast.

5. there's a new rap/rap-rock? group called Fort Minor (i heard their music in my classmate's room). they're really terrible. stay away.

6. i will be going home for the chinese new year break so i might not be able to podcast until i come back in february. i go online via 56kbps modem at home. very primitive. i will be posting my end-of-term animation and a short video about night markets while i'm away though. i've already uploaded them. i'll just post one video a week.

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