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forget december! it's a brand new year

watch and listen

today's topics:
1. December 25 was "Constitution Day" in taiwan (the constitution of the Republic of China was ratified on Christmas Day 1910)

2. January 1, 1911 was the day the Republic of China was officially born. that's why Republic of China (now Taiwan) Year no.1 is 1911. 2006 is.. do the math.. Year 95.

so if you buy chocolate milk in Taiwan and the bottle says the expiry date is 95-01-31, don't freak out, it doesn't mean 1995. it's just Year 95 in Taiwan years.

to convert Taiwan years to regular years just add "11" to whatever year you want to convert. the reason is because Year 1 was 1911. so Year 2 was 1912 (2+11), Year 95 is 2006 (95+11=06).

3. another Taiwanese holiday that falls around Christmastime is the winter solstice (people celebrate it here).

4. short explanation of why the fall semester ends mid-January in Taiwan (and not mid-December like other countries).

5. some links to check out: (these were links i meant to talk about in my end of dec. '05 podcast but i never recorded that program because i was busy with my end of term animation)
1. twochineseboys.blogspot.com
2. Doghouse of Booya (some posts of his that i like)

6. what i was doing on Christmas Eve (tracking Santa with Google Earth. what a loser.)

7. Forget December by Something Corporate

8. link for those of you who didn't get to watch my "two days before Christmas 2005" video.


sorry for not podcasting for a long time. i was busy cramming my end-of-term animation. i'll put it up when it's done.

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Gem, I'm too lazy to write comments these days...

so, 新年快樂!, a happy new chinese year and keep up the good work.

(bad typo in the first post...)
I don't really know about the foundations of the ROC but a quick look at the maths suggests you're a little wrong with your calculations.

"so Year 2 was 1912 (2+11)"

2+11=13 no?

You are correct about the +11 so I would assume that in fact 1911 is considered year 0 not 1.

Still thanks for an informatice article. When I googled, yours was the first result on the subject so worth getting right. :P
Sorry to post again.
After a little research, I found my above suggestion incorrect.
The ROC was founded on Jan 1 1912. Thus this is year 1.

Thanks again
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