[Misadventures in Taiwan]



video of oct. 31, 2005 trip to tainan city

click to watch the Quicktime movie file! (11.3 mb)

the quality is super poor because i had to make the video size small (320x240, 256kbps Quicktime compression) otherwise the file size would be really really big and a pain to download on your part.

screenshots: aerial girl jaywalk


in other news i'd also like to say thanks to tim rosproy, who helped me out with a file problem. a couple of winrar files from theindieconnection (great music blog, check it out) wouldn't unzip properly (even with the right password) and he helped me out. this is his blog.
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Awesome vid Gem.

Interesting view of Taiwan... its like watching a travel guide blog.

Keep em coming :D

Joe #1
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