[Misadventures in Taiwan]



video of nov. 11-13, 2005 trip to taipei

click here to watch


watch you step pointy carwash

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Another good travel episode. Taipei looks like the Chinatown here in NYC. I suppose they wont have a Chinatown in Taipei, how about another ethnic town like Indiatown or Little Tokyo? Do they have that in Taiwan?

Or is it just one big Chinatown? LOL

Great job on the Taipei video. As soon as you add the soundtrack it really comes alive. Did you go to MOS (Ministry of Sound?) That's the place I really want to check out. 'Watch your step' seems like okay English to me, but maybe it's because I've been here too long. It could also be British English and I'm used to seeing it in Hong Kong or something. Anyway...keep them coming!

Great video- the sound track really made it pop. Strangely compelling.
Actually pretty interesting. David in Geneva, Switzerland
hi joe..
hmm.. i don't know if they have those little ethnic towns. i'll have to see. who knows, it's not just one big chinatown.

hi tire... "watch your step" would be right. "watch YOU step" wouldn't. =) no i didn't get a chance to go to MOS. arghh..

hi def.. thanks! but i didn't make the music haha.. so i can't take credit for that. it's the postal service.

hi david! first time hearing from you! =)
Sorry, I missed the missing r! ugh...

BTW, I have a video iPod now. I got it for a birthday present and your videos won't download into the video iPod, whereas other video podcasts do with no problem. Just letting you know. Maybe there's someway you can tweak with the feed to get it to be iPod friendly.

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