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two days before christmas 2005


the video is in the .m4v format (video for iPod format). the newest version of Quicktime can play it too. size: 5.4mb

1. night market knock-offs
2. roasting chestnuts
3. "Santa Claus" and three female cohorts in Korean costume
4. soup with a mystery ingredient (watch the video to know what it is)

it's barely one minute long, so sorry if there are no screenshots. i also have already used up my Flickr photo space for this month so no photos.

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Merry Christmas, Gem.
So giving into the .m4v file format, eh? You know you want to see your face on one of those snazzy video iPods.

It's a good move to get more people to see, especially these spoiled rich kids who just got a new video iPod for Christmas. They're going to be thinking, "What can i watch on my iPod?" Then they'll download your video podcast and say, "OH MY GOD!! LOOK WHAT THEY DID TO BABE IN TAIWAN!!!" Oops, sorry. That's a spoiler for the pop-quiz. Ignore it. Happy New Year!
hehe.. i figured i'm going to export some shorter videos to .m4v. but for longer videos i'm still gonna export to .mov because more people will be able to play that.
a lot of people don't have the latest quicktime and i don't want them to be clicking on the m4v file and getting an error message. =)
hehe.. yeah, that'll shock the kids. hahaha.
happy new year mario! i watched a couple of your son's video podcasts by the way. pretty cute.
A belated merry Christmas and a happy new year gem!

We love your podcasts, gem. Let's all gather round and listen to gem's latest. Hoorah!
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