[Misadventures in Taiwan]



tiniest train station in the world


1. elections are over but noise pollution from politicians' loudspeaker-equipped roving trucks hasn't lessened.

2. stikfas toys are fun. (click on photos to enlarge)

snowboarder mountains our first outdoor concert

3. browsers

a. rocketboom's IE vs Firefox mini survey video

b. maybe you guys know all these browsers.. the popular ones, IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, the semi-famous ones, Maxthon, Flock, but you've probably never heard of these browsers which are.. how do I say it, native to Taiwan: KKMan and PCMan. These two are actually quite popular here and many people use them.

4. tiny, tiny, tiny, train station-- Balin Train Station/ 拔林火車站,in 拔林 (or 拔子林)
click to watch Flash photo slideshow (you'll need to click on each slide to advance to the next slide.)

5. i finished putting together four videos, and i'll be putting them up in the next few days. please just watch for them. i might be very busy this month with school work so if i don't get to make another podcast this month at least you've got these vids.

i already put the first one up- oct. 31, '05 trip to tainan city. three more to go- taiwan national receipt lottery, nov. '05 taipei city, liu cha night market.

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Two of the photos in your swf on the tiny train station are really cool- the ones with the two tracks and grass/lights w/and w/out the passing train- very cool! Happy Holidays.
thanks def!
i would've shot more but it was kind of creepy there (and it was only me and my classmate, another girl there) so we just stayed for like less than five minutes.
i was actually surprised the train photo turned out "well".
happy holidays to you too!
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