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thanks a lot Ger!

imagine my surprise when i saw this today..
front of envelope from Ger
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wow.. i got mail from Ireland! Thanks Ger!! i sent you an e-mail too but i'm not sure if i sent it to the right address because i kind of can't make out what you wrote.. so i'm thanking you here too. i'm super super grateful!! 謝謝你!! Merci beacoup!! Grazie!!

but I don't know who Ger is though.. i mean, i remember most of you who sign my guestbook or e-mail me.

so anyway, i'd like to thank Ger for mailing me a lovely Christmas card and two music CDs!! =)

thanks a lot for pointing out too that it's hard to find my e-mail address. i edited my blog now to show my e-mail address on the upper left below the "Skype Me" button.

thanks for going through the trouble of looking for my address too. good thing you found my address via my old post on celtx.

oh yeah, and here's my address for those of you who want to send me greeting cards.. hehe.. please don't forget to add "Animation Institute" after the University name to make sure it won't get lost. thanks. =) (or better, use the mailing address on this post card instead.)

front of envelope from Ger

other photos (click to see larger sizes):

thanks for the lovely card!
christmas card from Ger

thanks for Closer!! i have cds of Unknown Pleasures (did you give me this CD because you saw that i liked joy division from here? or was it just coincidential?) and Substance already. now this completes my collection. thanks thanks.. i even remember debating whether i should buy Closer when i bought Substance last month in Fnac/
法雅客. haha good thing i didn't.

ger 2 ger 1 cd from Ger cd from Ger

re: your note in the christmas card, haha, your present is just as cool as the stuff on my wishlist! =) thank you thank you thank you again.
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