Tuesday, December 20, 2005


thank you def wheezer!!

i've got some cool new toys from a not-so-secret Santa!

thanks so much def!!
gifts gifts 2

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haha. thanks for this. silly, annoying toys are the best. ;P


blue toy blue toy 2

thanks a lot for The Cubes!!! haha.. it's cool that it's an expansion set, I'm really really glad that you got me a Cubes toy!! =) now that's one thing off my wishlist.

i'm sure there are other big-hearted people out there (hint, hint, that means YOU, YOU, and yes you! the one in the red sweater sitting at the back!!) who'll want to send me more Cubes playsets. (you know what to do!!)

cubes cubes 2

thanks for the magnets. i've stuck them beside the hello kitty magnets on my fridge.


on the box:

box small 1 box small 2 box small 3 box small 4

note: most of the time clicking "all-sizes" in my photos' flickr page will lead you to an 800x600 sized image. i'm sorry that these photos are only 640x480. i had to make them smaller because i've already uploaded 94% of my bandwidth allowance for my free Flickr account this december and there are still two weeks to go.

Great work!
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