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songs to listen to this christmas

some great christmas songs from mp3 blogs:

a christmas playlist from Pimps of Gore

christmas playlist 1 from The Pop View

christmas playlist 2 from The Pop View

hark! songs for christmas from The Indie Connection

(ha. i remember first hearing of this "sufjan stevens" singer earlier this year on the mathcaddy.com podcast (ok found the post where i first heard of him) and thought that maybe he's middle eastern or something from the "sufjan" part of his name. anyway i already kind of imagined what he looked like in my head and when i saw his photo for the first time last month in that indieconnection post on hark! songs 4 christmas he looked pretty different from what i thought. somehow i thought he would wear a turban and have a long grey beard or something.)

so anyway since i'm lame i only have this to offer. i've been listening to it for the past two christmases. it's White Christmas by Stiff Little Fingers.

(clicking on the link will lead you to my msn spaces page. i linked to the mp3 there. i can't link to the mp3 directly from this blog because it will then show up as a podcast on my feed.)

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