[Misadventures in Taiwan]



see where I'm located in Taiwan

look look tiny little Kuantien town can be seen from Windows Live Local's map! they don't even mention Kuantien in Google Earth.
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the closest town to us that you can see from Google Earth is Shanhua or Matou.

anyway i started a blog on MSN Spaces (gasp!). yeah no kidding. anyway it's just for playing around with Windows stuff like Windows Live and recording my thoughts/ opinions on that. i probably won't update it much if i get too busy. here's the page if you guys are interested.


in other news, Go Flock Yourself is like the funniest (and truest) thing to happen to the internet since.. hmm.. i don't know.. maybe Homestar Runner. but they're like two different websites.
anyway GFY is really funny. and honest. they even posted the link i mailed them about Fuzzster (don't visit Fuzzster on a bad day or you'll just go nuts).
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