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the kiss of death


today's podcast topics:
1. engrish catchphrase of the day: moder show young fashish (click to enlarge photo):
young fashish

2. a riddle-like question about Taiwan's upcoming midterm elections.

3. girl, 17, given the kiss of death by her boyfriend. (news article)
Dec. 2, 2005 update: i made the mistake of assuming this bit of news happened in Taiwan just because i read it from a Taiwanese internet news source. it actually happened in Canada. i didn't read it that carefully. =) sorry..

4. public humiliation day: students punished for getting lousy grades by being made to stand on a busy sidewalk memorizing things. (saw this on TV but found an internet link for you guys)

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"fashion crossed with hashish"
that must be how they came up with tie-dye...

i would think moder is supposed to be model, with the r's and l's getting switched in the translation. you know, bluce ree and all that.

loved the podcast!
oh my god you're right! moder must be from "model".
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