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brrr it's so cold here in tainan

brrr it's so cold here in tainan
Originally uploaded by hey-gem.

it's really cold here in tainan. 14° Celsius.

these cool widgets are from Konfabulator.

the clock and weather widgets came with the free app. Konfabulator was bought by Yahoo! or something.

anyway it's 14°C and super super windy now.

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It's only -14° Celsius in Illinois (U.S.) now. Compared to this place, Tainan is still a paradise, I guess.
I wish it was only 14 degrees celsius in Toronto, Canada. That's one thing I miss about Taiwan. Winter is like autumn to me. I loved the video, btw. It seems to me all cities in Taiwan look the same. Tainan looks like Kaohsiung which looks like...you get the picture. Thanks and please keep it up!
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