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black man toothpaste and more

watch and listen (20mb Quicktime movie file. you'll need the Quicktime Player to watch.)

today's topics: (clicking on the links will lead you to their respective flickr photo pages.)

1. provincial quack doctors (as told by 阿跳)in Liu-Cha Town (六甲)

2. Fun with Engrish

3. "Blog Love" CD (can't wait for the "Podcast Love", "Vlog Love", "Semantic Web Love" cheesy love songs compilations.)

4. "Black Man" toothpaste (more)

5. "Good Daughter-in-Law" detergent

6. Play Mahjongg at the night market, win a (real, live) puppy.

7. How to spot a Sex Toy shop.
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Michael Jackson's "Thriller" on a CD called 'Blog Love'?

And there's just something really wrong with putting Cher and Oasis on the same CD.

Cheap plug for my son's video podcast

He loves your podcast, Gem. But I had to cover his eyes when you got to the sex toy shop signs. I didn't want to take any chances in case he can read Chinese now.
haha.. i know. the music selection is so off.

i'm going to be away for three days. i will check it out when i get back. =)

oh no.. i'm sorry for the PG-rated stuff. but at least i left warnings in the topic list, right? hehe..
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