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12-19-05 podcast: mole maps, mystery meat, and more

thanks again to Ger and the super cool def wheezer for your lovely presents!!


today's topics:
1. state-of-the-podcast address: response to Tire's question on why my videos don't work on the new iPods that play video, and [misadventures in taiwan]'s immediate future (answer: still mostly audio with occasional video thrown in)

2. photos of my trip to taipei a couple of days ago (not from the november trip. you already saw the video of that.).

3. Hey-Song soda memorabilia

old hey-song ads-2 hey-song bottles-3 more photos

4. exotic imported beer from Taipei

5. 滷味 stalls-- a fixture in every night market (try to identify the mystery meats).
(dec. 21, 2005 update: andrew agrees with me that lu-wei -- that's how 滷味 is pronounced -- is really rank.)

6. mole map- find out what that mole on your face or body means.

mole map-- find out what that mole on your face or body means
click on the photo and you'll be led to its flickr page. and then hover your mouse over the photo (in the flickr page, not here) and then you'll see the notes i put on what those points mean (if you happen to have moles in those same places). click on "all sizes" if you want to see it full-size.

7. what is the Yakult (they call Yakult 養樂多 in Taiwan) beverage? also green tea + yakult (綠茶多多) tea concoction.

8. minor pet peeve on how most people spell christmas here (xmas with an apostrophe after the X).

if any more lovely people would like to send me things, this is my christmas 2005 wishlist. hehe.. my address is here. also please add "g920713" (that's my student number) after my name. that would make it easier for the school to locate me.

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Gem, a happy chrismas to you. Thanks for your podcasts and information about Taiwan.

I'm listening to this podcast while packing for my christmas journey to our boonies :) no .net access, there...
hi thanks thanks.

merry christmas to you too!

i hope you have a fun holiday in the boonies. =) it's good to take a break from the internet once in a while..
i have a mole just under my eye brow. what does that mean? i don't know how to read chinese. thanks.
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