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will be gone for four days

hi everyone, i'm gonna be gone for four days to go with my classmates to taipei.
they'll be helping to fix this up, while i'll probably stand on the sidelines munching on potato chips. yay, me!

four days isn't really a long time and i've
even gone longer than four days without posting/ podcasting, but i noticed that some of you (hello to joe#1 and joe-latent image photographer, winchou and mario) have already started commenting on my latest video/ vidcast/ vlog (insert trendy term here).

yay, i'm feeling very in-demand. so anyway i won't be able to reply till after a few days. i just wanted to say that because most of the time i reply as soon as i can.


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I think the trendy term is "Video Podcast", at least that's what Apple is calling them on iTunes and on their new iPod. I never liked either of those other terms (vidcast/vlog). Vlog sounds like something you cough up when you're really sick.
Hi Gem
A bit late/slow whatever, but the album in your video is Joy Division "Unknown Pleasures" released May 1979, on Factory Records. I got into there stuff about 1980 when I heard 'Love will tear us apart'. The singer Ian Curtis committed suicide that year. They were the darkiest Post Punk/ New Wave band and came from Manchester.

Unknown Pleasures has some of the bleakiest music
(a depression soundtrack ) I ever heard. The folllow up "Closer" is more sublime, but not as dark.

I have listened to your podcasts since last Summer because you tells us the stories about your own culture. In your own funny way.

By the way I have not set up a Blog and my Web site is dead (once I completed the code I was bored with it).
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