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singapore's chief executioner

singapore's chief executioner
this dude is singapore's chief hangman.

continue reading the article says that he wants to retire but Singapore is having a hard time finding someone to replace him.

"He tried to train two would-be hangmen to replace him, a Malaysian and a Chinese, both in the prison service," the colleague said.

"But when it came to pulling the lever for the real thing, they both froze and could not do it.

"The Chinese guy, a prison officer, became so distraught he walked out immediately and resigned from the prison service altogether."

i think it would be much easier to find a new executioner if the job requirement doesn't really involve literal hanging. that's kind of scary. don't most countries use lethal injection nowadays anyway? or firing squads.

hanging seems so.. medieval.. but singapore is so high-tech. i'm sure they can think of an easier/ more high-tech way of executing prisoners. i'm curious. what other countries carry out punishment with literal hanging aside from singapore? i want a list. i think China uses a firing squad. i remember vaguely reading about it in Time.

via boing boing

9:40 p.m. update:
i already found a list of methods of execution by country.
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