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piss drinking family and more


1. a week ago i was in taipei. i'm trying to make a video out of the photos and short video clips i took. might take forever.

2. Taiwan's very own piss drinking family- page referencing this- you have to set your browser encoding to "chinese simplified" to view it right. This is not pr0n related, alright?

3. for someone who's used to reading chinese traditional text, chinese simplified looks like what "w0kE Up n wEnT wIt MAh B0yFrIEnd 2 sK00l n wE aTE iCE cREEm hE Iz s0 sWeEt 2 mEH." would look like to someone used to reading normal English.

reading many paragraphs of chinese simplified text really strains my eyes so i converted the text (in the article about the piss-drinking family) to "chinese traditional" with OpenOffice Writer. see how it's done! (click photos for full-sized versions.)
step 1: step-1-small

step 2: step-2-small

this is the TV Show that the piss drinking family was on. i couldn't find the page for the specific episode they were featured in.

3. what's a perm press? and stuff about general knowledge.

4. i want christmas presents! =)

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Simplified Chinese totally pisses me off too, its all f-ed up. I really like Taipei though, I kind of really want to see the clips and photos, haven't been back since March.
hi sueann! i sent you an e-mail to your yahoo address (the address on the left side of your page). did you get it? =)

ahh yes, i'm still working on that video of stuff around taipei.
Since you asked, yes, this is one of the most disgusting episodes ever in human history of the Misadventures in Taiwan podcast.
Geminem, "perm press" is the setting for permanent press clothes; it's a cooler, shorter cycle so that the heat of the machine won't destroy the plastic threads (rayon/nylon) or methenol/alcohol derivatives used to maintain the garment's shape.
Hon. A.C. Jones,
Undersecretary of Communications,
Presidential Commission on the Export of 21st Century Technology

yeah i know it's kind of disgusting. i had many agonizing nights debating whether to podcst the piss drinking stuff. i finally decided to just do it because my intentions aren't dishonorable anyway, i mean, it's not porn stuff, and it's a true story, and well, it's just one of the quirks that make taiwanese who they are.

and then after i posted this i read that ricky martin said he likes giving golden showers in this Blender magazine interview.

i went to the snowbark site and it's your podcast page! ha! i actually thought.. who in the world is this "Undersecretary of Communications,
Presidential Commission on the Export of 21st Century Technology " and why would he stumble upon my blog? hahaha..
Thanks for the shout out and the heads up on the pandora site. I hadn't heard about that site, and it's kickass. Also, I liked the piss podcast. I've been asking my students here in Taiwan if they have heard about that family. So far no one has. High school kids don't have much time to watch the news. When they hear about it, it cracks them up and makes for good English conversation. So ignore that guy that said it was disgusting. I thought it was great. Piss is humor in Taiwan. I wrote a story that I use for teaching kids where a boy has a special pissing power http://members.aol.com/bovineprod/2bsTt12.html
Ha ha ha. I had no idea that simplified Chinese looked like that to you guys who read traditional Chinese. Good to know. ;-)

The Latent Image
hi tire,
your students probably wouldn't have heard of that particular piss drinking family unless someone pointed them to the show, but i'm sure they've heard of people who drink piss. i didn't get to see that family on TV firsthand either. it was my friend who saw it, and then i just searched for articles about that family, and the link to the tv program (but that particular episode wasn't online) on the net. piss drinking is a particular kind of "cure"/"medicinal treatment" in taiwan called 尿療. whether it really cures people or not remains to be seen.

hi joe,
well, there are some people who are proficient in reading both, so it wouldn't look like that to their eyes. but to people who are used to reading trad. chinese, when they read simplified chinese, it takes like a few seconds for the eye to adjust. it's like the characters are familiar but they're missing certain strokes blah blah.. it pretty much teh suxx0rz.
I was so embarrassed when showing off my iPod video to a friend, the first thing that popped up was "Piss Drinking Families" in the video folder. I had no idea what I downloaded!
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