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nerd test

nerd test

i was just browsing the Archie McPhee online store for playsets of The Cubes when i came across that nerd test on the bottom of the page.


what I want for Christmas...
i'd be really happy if anyone would send me these toys for christmas. ThinkGeek also sells them aside from Archie Mcphee.
the cubes- bob the cubes- pat
the cubes- jim the cubes- ted
the cubes- joe
4 sets several
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Well if you want them you need to post an address to where one is to send them to :D

Joe #1
Careful, Gem may end up with 100 copies of the same book for xmas ;)
joe#1, i thought about that but i decided i don't want to post my mailing address online because i might get killed/ stalked/ hit up for money by the mobs here in taiwan, etc..

if anyone really really wants to give me presents he/ she can e-mail me and i'll give him/ her my mailing address then.

the other reason for that is, as Mental-Escher pointed out, i might receive hundreds of boxes of the same thing if random people just happened to be feeling rich and generous around the holidays started mailing me things. (highly unlikely but you know, it's good to think positive.)

at least if people had to e-mail me first asking for my address and tell me what they want to send me, i can tell them not to bother buying anymore if someone else already promised to send me one.

oh i should probably write that in the main post itself. thanks for the accidental tip guys. heheh..
Hi Gem,
Amazon (and sometimes other commercial sites) has an arrangement allowing anybody to send gifts without any knowledge of the recipient's whereabouts. Amazon uses its wishlist. I don't know if they sell Bob and Pat, or if Archie McPhee has the privacy-for-recipient function.
proud (shameless) plug:
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