[Misadventures in Taiwan]



in which our heroine finds herself singing for the crowd

yeah.. i know i make really lame post titles.


1. i sing in this podcast! but only for like half a minute, so don't worry.

2. The Promise Ring- My life is at Home

3. saw a bunch of "cosplay"-attired girls in Tainan City last week.

4. "para para dance" contest at the mall in front of the rear exit of the Tainan City Train Station.

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mall by the rear exit of the tainan city train station

5. bought a bunch of blank dvd+rs too on that trip.

6. been drawing another 4 panel comic strip for this anti-depression contest. i hope to get more free bookstore discount coupons.
mix tape booki was able to buy Mix Tape: The Art of Cassette Culture with the coupon i got last semester.


Sept. 17, 2007 update:

my free podcast host Rizzn.net has ceased to exist since 2005, and I lost the

original files, so the audio podcast file in this post is forever gone, i guess.

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You must sing in another podcast =) It's very soothing. In fact, I think you should sing for an entire podcast...or maybe not an entire podcast but yea...you should sing more. Either that or just sing me a song and send it to me ^_^

Oh, and to let you know, Dance Dance Revolution, Para Para, Initial D, and other popular Asian imported arcades are extremely popular in the United States. They were originally very hard to come by, which may be why when you did find them there were usually people waiting around to play (usually you will see two people playing the games and if other people want to play they put one of their tokens or coins sitting on the machine to save their spot, so that everybody knows they get to play next.) It is not uncommon to see rows and rows of tokens or coins sitting on DDR or Para Para games with lines of people waiting to get a few minutes on the game. Although now the craze seems to be dying down now that the arcades are becoming more popular and not so hard to find.
when you start seeing Para-para dance contests being held in real life far away from arcades (like the event i documented in the photos in this blog post), you'll know that the japanese invasion is complete. ;P
hahahah...oh god...that's scary! I love it when there are people playing DDR and other people are dancing beside the machine looking like complete asses lol.
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