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how to use a usb on-the-go box

click here to download the video
it's in Quicktime movie format so you'll need to download Quicktime. get quicktime

1. how to put a 2.5" hard drive into a portable usb on-the-go enclosure
2. how to use it to get photos from your digital camera

**this is just an experimental video, it's not really well-made. the video quality is also poor because i compressed it. otherwise the file size will be bigger than your girlfriend's ass. just kidding.**

screenshots: (click photos for full-sized versions)
yada what do you do
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Hey Gem,

Ni Hao! Appar Kabbar??

Neat podcast... did not even know that a USB OTG ever existed... Wonder if it works with an Ipod. Awesome work on the vidcast viedo podcast??/

Finally see a face to the podcast that I was listening to :D

This is bizarre... My name is also Joe and another Joe said pretty much the same thing I wanted to say. Well... this Joe will say it again. Good work on this videocast Gem. As if your podcast could get any cooler... the video cast made it even more so. It's great that you keep your show fresh. I find that my own podcast gets a little dull after a while.
I really like the idea of the USBOTG drive. Those laptop drives are so cute and small! I often bring a sort of lunky external usb hard drive back and forth between home and school to store the digital files of my photos which are too large for a usb flash drive. However, if I were to make a tiny usb on the go drive like this I wouldn't have to worry about the big external drive i have... hmmm Does this drive need power too or will USB 2.0 be enough to power the drive if I hooked it up to a digital camera or a computer? Thanx for the great show.

-Another Joe (Domski)

The Latent Image
By the way... I loved the guest appearance of H.P. Lovecraft in your video cast. I dont have "blood curdling tales" but I do have 2 others from that series of books put out by DEL REY. "Dreams of Terror and Death" and "The Road to Madness". Great books, right?


The Latent Image
Yay. It's GemTV!

I like how you splash the text all over the video to make it more interesting. What software do you use to edit your video?

I made a bunch of video tutorials on my podcast, but they're kind of boring compared to yours. I'll probably be copying some of your ideas if you don't mind. Thanks!
gem-- you're forcing me to buy a new iPod, kid. I don't know the CD, but I know the artwork -- looks like it's from a WhiteCap plugin for WinAmp. Thanks for the techie vodcast and all the other stuff you post. Stunning lack of profanity when you're on camera, tho -- the text and image overlays were tremendous. But the image of the dude from singapore is really un-appealing.
what does appar kabbar mean? i'll answer your question in a few days. i'm leaving in a short while for taipei (see post).

joe#2 (latent image photographer),
thanks thanks a lot for your compliments.
well the HP Lovecraft book was on my table. i just grabbed whatever book was nearest. =)
i haven't read the other two books you mentioned. are they short stories too? or novels?
i'll answer your question when i get back in a few days (see post).

haha, feel free to "copy" whatever you want. hehe.. =)
link to me, okay? =)
i used Sony Vegas 5. we have that here at school. but i only used the most basic functions (i.e. arranging my footage in sequence, typing text, and recording the narration for the second half). i'm not very good at manipulating complex software.

you can watch the video on your computer. no need for a new iPod. yeah, somehow i don't have the urge to cuss onscreen.
haha.. don't let that dude from singapore hear ya. he might hang you. he's their top hangman after all.

you guys both mentioned that you liked the text overlays. thanks thanks. it's my amateurish way of spicing things up. it's still a far far far way off from the motion graphics in news programs but it's getting there (yeah, right). thanks for the support.
I knew that cd right away! It's Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures. I listen to it all the time on my motorcycle in Kaohsiung. Especially on heavily polluted nights. It's perfect for this industrial dsytopia. Joy Division kicks ass.

dang gem,
this was by far the most interesting instructional video blog i have ever seen. At first i thought that you were joking... like the whole thing was going to turn into one of your animations and... like... someone would be killed horribly... but nope... just a good old "Mr. Wizard" like lesson on hard drives...(Mr. Wizard was a show on Nickalodeon i use to watch as a kid, you should check it out) Well, it looks like you have some cool stuff on the walls of your room or where ever you were...you paint your walls?... I am not sure if anyone has ever told you this but you have the coolest voice, like your accent is really faint and you are incredibly articulate but you still cuss! its awesome... you should do voices for you animation, it would add a lot to your quite but action (murder/dying)oriented characters.
Hi Gem, thanks for the instructional video. Do you know if this will work if I plug a USB card reader into it instead of my camera? This is something I will look into. Your podcast is great and reminds me of my time in Taiwan. I'm hoping to see the Tainan video soon. Take it easy!
to anonymous:

theoretically it should work on an iPod if you have the appropriate cables connecting that to the usb otg disk. but i don't know since i haven't tried it.
and maybe the iPod might have some sort of security code inside that you need to unlock before you can get files out of it.

latent image photographer:

regular 2.5" external usb drives (like the drive with the yellow Think Skateboard sticker in my video) don't need external power. it's just powered by the computer's usb port.

but this usb on-the-go one uses more power i think. that's why it comes with a little power plug that you plug into your wall outlet.

if you're outdoors and can't find a power source there's a battery pack that you can use. i covered that in the video.

it won't run if you just plug your camera straight into it like that.

keith fox:

yes, you can plug your usb card reader into it. the thing is you need the appropriate cable.

remember when i plugged my digital camera into it i used a cable with a big plug on one end and a small plug on the other end?

well anyway it depends on what kind of cable your card reader has. if it ends in a big plug, you need a cable that has a this at on of its ends.

see this photo:
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