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electric guitars

purple guitar gun shaped guitar guitars-16 angel hello kitty guitar

a few more
in my photoblog

here's a bunch of photos of electric guitars i took on my trip to taipei last weekend. the guitars are from a music shop called 阿通伯. 感謝你們讓我拍照. =) [update: Use this link when the photo album no longer works.)]

view the photo album before the photos start disappearing from my flickr photostream. i can only show 200 photos at a time and when i start putting up other photos i took on that trip the guitar photos will disappear one by one.

update: Use this link when the photo album no longer works.)


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Hello Kitty Gutair

Never seen anything like that imagine a rock band with a Hello Kitty gutair. :D

I thought "Appr Kappr" was hello in Malaysian?

Joe #1
well i don't speak Malaysian. but thanks for the hello.


i've never seen a rock band with a Hello Kitty guitar either. it would be fun to see a death metal band rocking one of these cartoon character guitars.
would you like to see a shot of my very heavily customized Strat? its in Taiwan, so heck, you can play it if you want to.
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