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2005 International Forum for Digital Media Art

IFDMA poster
my school's (TNNUA) animation institute/ digital center (whatever. slight difference.) is hosting yet another one of these annual forums (fora? sp.?).

please click to continue readingi think part of it is slated to happen here (deep in the mountains of South Taiwan), and part of it is gonna be held in Taipei (big, fun, cosmopolitan city with lots of excitement). so if any of you want to attend it, attend the Taipei event. heeheh..

for my Taipei readers, you can visit the main site for more details. there's also an e-mail address on the site if you want to know how to get there or whatever.

here's the link to the 2005 國際數位媒體藝術論壇 website-- 2005 International Forum for Digital Media Art

it doesn't work so well on Firefox (the black font gets eaten up by the black background) so you guys are better off using Internet Explorer to view it. It also works on Opera. in IE and Opera, there's a secondary yellow background that makes the black font legible.
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