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uhh.. some technical problems with my template. will resume normal programming in a few days, i hope. hahaha.

half an hour later: ok now i think.
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hi Gem, this is Fabian. I was led to your site 'coz of your comment on Maita's blog. Actually, we were classmates in history a few years ago, under Mr. Ang. Anyway, I've listened to a few of your 'misadventures in taiwan' podcasts, and i found them pretty interesting.

i want to make my own podcasts. what kind of equipment do you use? i read up before about how to go about doing it, but im hoping for a simple straightforward answer from someone. he he.

thank you

hi fabian, course i remember you.

uhh.. i don't really use any fancy equipment. i just use a cheap computer microphone (the kind you can find anywhere), and then i plug it into my computer's mic-in jack. i use a free program called Audacity to record. and then i upload it to the internet, and link to it. that's it!


by the way, please don't tell people about this blog. i kind of want to keep it secret. heheh..

my e-mail is geminem888 at gmail dot com. you can e-mail me if you have more questions. =)

good luck!
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