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please don't die minidisc

sony's restructuring, and they're planning to kill 15 divisions in the near future. i have a bad feeling the MD will be part of the 15.

minidisc cannot die.. i've been feeling pretty bummed for the past few days, and then i got this news on top of that earlier today. sure i know if Sony discontinues making the md it won't mean my player and recorder would automatically die. but the day will come when either my player or recorder will die. and then who will i go to for repairs? well my md player is a Panasonic so maybe i can still go to them. if sony cuts minidisc, does that mean other companies can still continue making them? or do they just license the tech from sony? tell me tell me.


in other news, i've been repeatedly listening to "Weakness in Me" by Joan Armatrading from the 10 Things I Hate About You soundtrack today. i'm getting really lame in my old age.
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sony should have kept the minidisk design- and never bothered with the UMD...
i hope the md doesn't die. it seems that quite a few muscians use them. not sure if that'd have any real effect on sony, but i hope it does.
I have finally gave up with my MD. I also have an MD. That's how I started my podcast, using my MD.

Gem, have you tried using your MD and record with an external mic. That might reduce the over modulation on your podcast. Anyway, just a thought.

john, i don't use a minidisc to record my podcasts. i record directly into my computer with my cheapo dime-store microphone. =)
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