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i really won a t-shirt from celtx!

remember what i said here? well, it's for real. i actually got a t-shirt from celtx for answering their survey. so cool. it's really great. you should all go check out and download their free scriptwriting software.

celtx 001

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gem-celtx-t shirt letter celtx-envelope shirt and stickers
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You should send that pic with an email to the guys at celtx. With that professional model pose your striking, and the splashy yellow background, I bet they would use it as a promotional photo... Just a thought.
haha thanks for the thought.

the splashy yellow background is the paint on my little study room here. my friend said that that photo looks like it was taken from a homeless shelter because of the quasi-graffiti appearance of the paint. hehe..
Hi Gem,

Great shot! How about adding it to Flickr with a 'celtx' tag. I have posted some up there as well for all to see.


Steve Pick
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