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double ten day 2005


today's topics:

1. while the FBI has a new goal lately, guess what kind of videos you can easily find at the 10 dollar store over here? (hint: pr0n)
10 dollar store
click this link to see a larger version that you can download and zoom in to see the details.

2. Double Ten Day/ 雙十節 (you have to set your browser encoding to Big-5 to view this link)/ 國慶日-- Republic of China

3. foul tasting Italian "herbal" toothpaste

4. do i really get a free t-shirt from celtx? stay tuned (will know if it's for real or not in 3-4 weeks).


Sept. 17, 2007 update:

my free podcast host Rizzn.net has ceased to exist since 2005, and I lost the

original files, so the audio podcast file in this post is forever gone, i guess.

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