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dead girl (oct 23, 2005 version)

here's a super short clip of a part of what i've been working on.

dead girl there's no sound yet. Watch it!

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oct. 26 update:

it's completed now!

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The worlds sloppiest morgue! :)
dang, i like so far... but i am not sure if it is to be funny or scary... i definately am leaning towards scary... dont get me wrong though...the only reason i cannot tell what type of thing it will be is becasue there is no music yet. I am waiting in great anticipation of what selection you will make... oh, yeah. I did not expect so much blood... it suprised me, and suprises are alwasy wicked awesome... please keep us updated with the short.
How delightfully... disturbing. Looking forward to seeing it completed. =D
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