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cooking an egg

egg thumbnail

click the photo to watch. you'll need the Quicktime Player to watch it. alternatively, you can right-click and "save target as" to download it.

a little thing i whipped up two Saturdays ago.
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Yay. Your first video podcast. Congratulations.

Seems like a pretty big file size for a 30 second movie. It might not be friendly with those new video iPods.

hi mario,

hehe.. actually i already put up a couple of videos back in january.

i actually didn't intend to make this video for this podcast. it was supposed to be an experiment only. but since it didn't turn out as crappy as i thought, i just thought i'd put it in.

the file size and video size is big because i'm used to making things 720x480 dvd size for animation projects for school. =)
sorry if the big file size inconvenienced you.
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