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turtles and more


1. new dorm blues

2. feng shui/ facing northwest

3. turtle crossing the road (click photos to see a larger version)
turtle 4 turtle head
turtle 1turtle 3 turtle 2

4. full-fat milk

full fat milk

5. taiwan won't recognize degrees from China universities during Pres. Chen's term (here's one random news link i found, there's more)

[hours after i recorded my podcast i saw this China Post article at a 7-11. click the photo for a larger view. it's only a partial photograph because i didn't want the 7-11 clerk to get pissed at me for taking pictures of news articles and not buying the paper, heheh..]


6. disgusting beef-noodle shop owners


Sept. 17, 2007 update:

my free podcast host Rizzn.net has ceased to exist since 2005, and I lost the

original files, so the audio podcast file in this post is forever gone, i guess.

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Thanks for the podcast. More memories. I used to read the China Post, back then. You can also find the article on their web page (www.chinapost.com.tw) on the front page of the back issue for 2005/09/06.

Nice "full-fat milk". Say, I once had milk with tea flavour (green and oolong) in my favourite Taipei internet cafe. Do you know if those flavours are still available? Thanks.
sure those flavors are still around. you can get all sorts of tea mixed with milk, or lemon, whatever. =)
XD Your posts are always so full of random information, but it makes for a good listen. =3

Anyway, enough of me stroking your ego. On to more important things... like full-fat milk. XP

Turtles aren't much for self-preservation it seems. I saw one walking across a freeway, even though there was a little drain-pipe made just for them to cross under the road 5 feet away. I chalk it up to lack of perception, but it's kinda funny anyway. (No turtles were harmed in the making of this story; I saved his poor little ass before he could get run over. ;))

Sucks about the chinese degrees being null and void. That's gonna mess with a lot of people, as well as the cop restrictions. I have a cop buddy who's a great officer despite being 4 foot something (bit of a Napolean complex he has).

Er, gonna stop wasting your blog space with useless banter now. Adios. =D
Degrees from China have never been recognized in Taiwan.

It is not a new rule. Besides , Chinese universities are worse than Taiwanese universities ( according to the rankings ). They are just cheaper.

And that girl who went to China , was she did not do that well on "Lian Kao". Maybe if she was smarter , she would not have had to go to China to get a degree.
hi anonymous,
re: " Degrees from China have never been recognized in Taiwan.

It is not a new rule. ...."

hmm, if that's the case, then I don't know why the media is suddenly making such a huge fuss about this then.

well i don't know about Chinese universities being worse than Taiwanese universities. i know of two very well-known and good Mainland China universities. but then again i don't know about other lesser-known ones so maybe you're right.

i've read in the news though that chinese university dormitories are pretty bad. i've also read about those chinese serial killers from the rural areas going to urban universities and killing kids in their dorms. or something like that.

to een:

haha, thanks a lot for "stroking my ego".

re: the turtles---> that's funny.
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