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just got back

a typhoon is in full swing right now. just got back to school yesterday. the deadline for moving to the new dorms was yesterday too. so i had to brave the storms and ride a scooter bearing all my wordly possessions back and forth last school year's dorm and this year's dorm. grrr..

continuegood thing my classmates already helped me move some of my heavier things (books, clothes-- transported via garbage bags haha) a couple of days earlier.

made the last two trips to the old dorm earlier this morning to clean out the trash. the new dorm is kind of far from the old dorm, it'll probably take you 20 minutes to get there by walking. so we had to ride scooters. the problem is the wind was blowing really hard and it's kind of hard to control the scooter.

i'm done moving but that doesn't mean i'm done fixing up. i still haven't set up my computer and stuff yet. i'm just using the computers here in the classroom.

i'm gonna do housewifely things (clean, spruce up, fold and stash clothes away, blah blah) the next few days. then after that, it's back to our regularly scheduled programming.
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Seems like a big storm season all around. New Orleans, Louisiana is almost completely submerged in water; 80% percent of the city is flooded, some places 20 feet deep.

Anywho, good luck with your dorm and upcoming classes. =)
yeah, i saw footage of that on cnn. it's really wild, lots of looting and stuff. really crazy. i hope things get better soon.

it reminds me of this japanese comic book series i read called 末日 (that means "end days" but the english translation of the title is "Dragon Head") by 望月峰太郎 (Mochizuki Minetaro). it's about an apocalypse- type scenario after mt fuji erupts in japan and covers the whole country in ash/ lava, and people killing people, looting, etc... (i can't read japanese; i read the chinese translation.)

many towns here are flooded too, like 2-3 meters.

ughh... all my stuff's wet. haha. but now i can add "ability to navigate scooter through harsh wind and rain" to my resumé.
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Do you think that the typhoon will cause much damage. Here's hoping that everybody is safe. Also, do these typhoons tend to stay out near the islands or do they ever bother the people on the coast of mainland China? I have some relatives in Shanghai, hope there wont be too many big problems. Good luck and take care.

hi joe,

well, i don't know if it will affect the coast of china. shanghai is very far from taiwan. it might have a different typhoon heading its way since it's typhoon season all over the world. i really don't know. =)

perhaps you can try checking weather websites. good luck.
Hey there Gem,
Once you get settled in, I'm expecting some help from you on Taiwan Podcasters-your member #1 because I know your podcast was a little earlier than mine. good luck and get back to me once you get squared away.
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Thanx for the tip Gem. Sorry to ask you to predict the weather for me. heh heh. I should've checked the weather sites first, but I guess I wanted to post a comment on ur blog. :p I enjoy your site and your podcasts. I find them very informative and quite entertaining. Really cool stuff. Keep it up, please!

looking forward to hearing your next pod cast.
are there podcasts you recomend?
heheh, well thanks for commenting. sorry i can't predict the weather. :P

i subscribe to music podcasts mostly. insomnia radio, rock & roll geek, etc..

there are also many podcasts i bookmark but not subscribe to. i usually download those manually depending on the subject matter. for example, the Animation Podcast, and the nice people in the "friends of misadventures in taiwan" section of my blogroll.
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