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dead bird


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this innocent looking cat was responsible for the following. only click the following photos if you're brave (or if you have a strong stomach). being the weirdo loser that i am, i just had to snap photos of these.

scene of the crime (click for a larger view):
scene of the crime

thumbnails of the "victim's" corpse (click only if you're not easily grossed out):
dead bird 4 dead bird 3 dead bird 2 dead bird 1


Comments (留言€):
are you sure the kitty is to blame?
even if the kitty did this- is it not what cats do?

i dont really like birds- i do like cats
I once saw a BMW went over a pigeon. All I heard was 'thump' 'thump' and all the 'spare parts' spilled on the road.
NB, yes i'm sure the cat was responsible for it (but i'm not blaming it for anything), it was feeding on the bird along with another cat before we (my classmates and i) came along.
yes, that is what cats do, it's in their nature.

well i don't really favor any particular animal. i just wanted to take photographs of what happened.


cleomy, eww gross. haha.
My cat brings in "presents" from outside to show me...I really don't like it when I am woken up at 4 in the morning to find a mouse scurrying around my bedroom or to wake up the next day to find feathers spread all over my room. My cat is evil...but most of the time she is pretty sweet.
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