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time for another round of thank yous

please leave links to your site or blog when you sign my guestbook or leave comments. that way i can say hi to you and link you back. if the only info i have of you is your e-mail address i won't link your name to it so you won't get spammed/ scammed by people who want to give you good mortgage rates, enlarge your penis/ breasts, sell you natural pills, give you nigerian get rich quick tips, etc..
click to read the resti last did this 6/02/05 and my last major thank you session was actually 5/25/05 so this is way overdue.

hello and thanks a lot for writing (in no particular order):

mei chen hsiao of lyon, france-- check out her calligraphy blog Marouflash. it's in french but you know, you can ignore the words and concentrate on the calligraphy pictures if you don't know french. you can also see pictures of her works on her flickr photo page.

thanks Antoine of France, Leo, J-Lai of Columbia, Maryland, okeea of SF, steve brown from CalArts, Kay (Boomerdog) of Sudbury, Canada, mario ajero of OK (glad i could help), Monkey of NY, Eric of Houston, Perry of Tien Mu, Taipei, Gabrielle of Brazil, Drew, Brian of New Zealand, Jack of NY, Alvin, Curtis the wanderer, K of Cupertino, brandon of SF, Antti of France, Winston Chou of Boston, chris of london, kidplastic (thanks) of Salt Lake City, old man Randomfulmen, carl, EB, NB (noblesse eblise) of Boston, the very angry katefoves2luck, Daniel Liu, Chapper from Phoenix (no, i don't know if girls from taiwan like american men), guy who thought i was stoned, samuel woo of Hong Kong, Fake & Mask from Taipei, Dan of the USA, Andy, patricia, killkate (yeah i know, fake name), jennifer, robert s. of california (thanks for the info!), good ol' Mark Hopkins's friend Leo Johnson of Blipmedia, my lovely free podcast host. (dude, do you know you've got the same name as one of the Twin Peaks villains?), Christopher Liew of Singapore, Andy Liu of New York, M. Anthony of LA, Craig Mortensen of Sunnyvale, California.

special thanks to Eliot Jordon of the USA and Robert of Germany for linking to my site using my big-ass image link. you guys rock.


hope i didn't miss anyone. i just went through my guestbook entries and posts with comments. if you're not here but you've signed my guestbook or left comments, maybe you're on my previous thank you list. if you're not, oops, sorry i missed your name!
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