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story behind the chinese day of love


topics for today:
1. version no. 1 of the origin of the chinese day of love/ chinese lovers' day (情人節)
2. version no. 2 of the origin of the chinese day of love/ chinese lovers' day (情人節)

characters mentioned in the podcast:
1. 牛郎-- the cowboy
2. 織女-- the weaver girl
3. 鵲-- the magpies who formed the bridge spanning the Milky Way for the lovers to cross (don't ask me how ancient people knew about the Milky Way.) thanks, Robert S. for this info.
click to read the rest august 24, 2005 update:
if you guys recall, your very unprofessional host (me) couldn't name the bird in the legend because i didn't know how to read the word "鵲" when i came across it in my internet research, and i didn't know what it was in English either. oh boy, i hope i don't get more comments about me being a barely literate podcaster.

but luckily, Robert S. of southern california e-mailed me this yesterday. merci beaucoup for the extra info!

As for 七夕--the bridge is formed by magpies 鵲 that span the Milky Way 天河
or 銀河, since the lovers have been exiled to stars on either side of the
Milky Way... but what I like about the story is what some of the
Chinese poets did with it... My favorite is a quatrain by Li Shangyin:


Contrasting the vicissitudes of human life with the eternal certainty
of meeting once a year on the magpie bridge... Just hope the lovers
don't get tired of each other....
---------------------------------- end of august 24, 2005 update.

i made this podcast a few days ago, but it was hell to send it to my free podcast host (rizzn) over my house's (still on summer break, haven't gone back to school yet. so no fast internet.) dial-up internet connection. i know, ghetto, right? i kept timing out. christ. so i went to the internet cafe today and successfully put it up. oh yeah, go me.


Sept. 17, 2007 update:

my free podcast host Rizzn.net has ceased to exist since 2005, and I lost the

original files, so the audio podcast file in this post is forever gone, i guess.

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Hi, this is Carl. Really glad to find your podcast on iTunes ;) and it is surely a cool program. Looking forward to listen more of it. Have a good summer~~~ Oh, I am a blogger user too. Visit me whenever you want at blaukreuz.blogspot.com, see ya!
was there a rooster in the background?
to anonymous, re: chickens--

uh, yeah, most likely those were chickens you heard. we have chickens at home. although i can't believe my lousy microphone picked up their crowing sounds!
I liked the chickens- something one doesnt tend to hear in podcasts.

the names- "cow boy" and "weaver girl" were likely chosen because their professions represented generalized attributes that are/were associated (at the time) with the personalities of those within these professions.
Girl, you suck!!! It is people like you who have no clue the meaning of “moronic”! If you are going to do such a lousy cast, why make us suffer? Stop taking up the bandwidth and go suck on some guy’s. Go log some hours with your English lesson tapes cuz yours is pathetic that it is not even laughable. Sadly, quantity outshines quality in the world of podcasting, this is one good example of it!!!!!!!
oy, angry much?

suck on some guy's what?

dude if you hate it so much nobody's forcing you to download and listen.
Eww, I can tell that this kate person is probably poor. Go away, filthy peasant. Obviously she's only interested in turning tricks and such.

Her English looks like it went through a free Web translator.

"It is people like you who have no clue the meaning of moronic!"

"yours is pathetic that it is not even laughable"

What a troll.
how juvenile...
if you disliked it so much- why did you continue to listen?
Katefoves2luck is a troll.. and not a very good one at that. Haha... I'm tempted to make this post a real good troll...

Anyhow, the trolls english is way more in need of serious attention than Gems.

Btw Katefoves2luck: I'm quite sure, your slander above is not protected by what you probably call freedom of speech; defamation isn't protected by fos.. Best you go to hell. If your english isn't good enough to understand, I'll try to translate for you: 你去死啦!

This kind of people makes you set the blogs' comments option to "registered users only" :(
Girl you ROCK!

Gem, don’t fall for that stupid troll’s “suck on some guy’s…” trick. Pay no attention to Kate, and continue with your fine work. Your ENGliSH is fine!

I bet she grew up in some nasty foster homes and in need of desperate love and attention.

Stop feeding the troll or we will all fall for it. But the message is funny though (in entertaining sense), especially her handle, thus I am creating my own. But boy, no matter how I change it, K swaps with K is still KillKate. Haha.

I do have to agree with her about “quantity outshines quality,” that’s the sad truth and I go even further by adding not only in podcasting but in blogging as well.
just some additional comments,,,

I actually thought about using your podcasts as "english language tapes" on my mp3 player.. learning about Taiwan at the same time :)

well, i should not react to the trolls anymore.. *sigh* the temptation :P Ok...

Gem, your podcasts are great; I'm looking forward for the next one.
What a lovely amusing podcast there Gem. I'm glad to see you back again since the last one. I hope to hear more from you in the future again.

As for the awful person a bit above me, I wish you could take a long look at yourself and see just how repulsive you actually sound with those hurtful comments. It's people like you who make the world fill with hate. Get some perspective, like really... this is a fun medium, and something people do for fun.

Don't let people like that put you off or anything, we love you here Gem ^_^
Thanks for the kindly responses from you all, I was merely stating the facts and you guys got all over me, hoping to get a piece of me? Dream on guys… no, Robert, sorry NOT even in YOUR dream.

Gem, true, no one is forcing me to listen (THANK GOD!!), just like no one is forcing you to read my comment. But you know, when it’s out there, you read it just like I listen to it.

Patricia, you don’t get out much do you? Your (lack of) comprehensive skill clearly shows it. If I were a “filthy peasant” as you so naively described, then what do you make of Gem? What is your “classification” on someone who raises and _lives_ with chicken? Maybe for her next podcast, she can do one on “avion flu” and explain to us on how it mutates to human beings. Also can you tell, I get laid more than you!?

EB, juvenile? I agree with you totally! But to my amazement, how did you foresee a loser like Robert would show up here? Clearly your statement was directed to him as I checked my dictionary:
juvenile (adj.) intellectual characteristic of people who listen to S.H.E. and 小虎隊...
But I think the word “dumbass” is more suitable for him. After all, he openly admitted his undeveloped tastes in music. He probably got all of their songs (in 256kbps) in his $299 pink iPod...my god. And who in the world uses “;” in the comment section? I guess leaving a message here probably meant writing a doctrine paper or something to him, makes you wonder how many hours it took for him to compose a single line here.

KillKate, glad I was able to make someone laugh here but you are on par with Patricia with your lame stereotyping and, dare I say, racist remarks. For one who publicly podcasts on the internet should take public criticisms. Your comment about foster children makes you no greater than a poor filthy peasant. If you must insist, then I shall end my response to you with a question. You took the short bus to school right?

Robert, oh my Roberto, what a lovely boy you are. ALL power to you and learn your English from GEM’s podcasts. (Wow, we got a brave one here!!) Whatever you do, just don’t end up podcasting in English ok? See that blind guy over there in the corner? Go ask him to teach you how to drive; (<-- for you only) Yeah he’s one hella driver! Yes, please set to “registered users only,” cuz yours is a total embarrassment!

Chris, sorry to burst your bubble but the world IS filled with hatred. And I took your advice and the mirror told me that I’m the most beautiful woman in the world! “Oh my...thank you!” What should I do? Should I go hunt Snowie down and rip her heart out? But that would be a hateful thing to do, certainly we don’t want to taint the wonderful loving life of yours, we’ll just let Disney people do the dirty work and fill the world with MORE “hate.” What!? You didn’t find my message “fun?” How sad…

Closing comment...you guys can all do a commercial for Hoover, you are THAT good!!
Awesome podcast! Very fun, refreshing and honest. I downloaded all of the mp3s and I listen to them every day. Clearly you have a lot of fans! Keep it up!
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